potential freshman year schedule?

<p>how does it look?</p>

<p>1st semester:</p>

<p>Org Chem I
Ordinary Diff EQs
Cell Bio
Seminar in Lit and Lit Analys

<p>2nd Semester:</p>

<p>Org Chem II
Multivariable Calc
Some Bio class, maybe Animal Physio
Anthropology course

<p>oh and i have the following ap credit:</p>

<p>ap chem 5, gen chem I and II w/lab
ap bio 4, intro bio I and II
ap calc bc 5, calc I and II
ap stat 5, some stat course
ap physics b 5, intro physics I and II</p>

<p>and there's more but i dont know if its relevant</p>

<p>I don't know what undergrad you are enrolled in, but most colleges require you to take at least one semester of general chemistry before you are allowed to take organic chemistry. Medical schools also prefer 1 year of math (calculus + stats), but you may have to check with each individual med schools. AP credits can not be substituted for med school requirements but they can give you an edge in these classes. What you have accomplished in high school stays in high school, meaning you have to start all over again if you plan on applying for med school or other professional schools. Hope that helps</p>

<p>it looks like you're taking on a lot for your freshman year. everyone has advised me NOT to take credit for my 5 on chem and just take gen chem. but hey, if you're willing to do orgo freshman year go for it! </p>

<p>i just think both sophomore level biology and chemistry is a bit much.</p>

<p>Doable, but why not take a few filler classes instead? Freshmen year is also about setting the framework for ECs, not just blowing through classes.</p>

<p>Everything seems fine and pretty standard. Cell Bio as a freshman in the fall may or may not be the best course to take, but its your call. That's the only course I would advise that you think about, everything else is fine. </p>

<p>What college do you attend and what major are you?</p>

<p>Rice University, unsure of major either bioE or biochem (most likely biochem)
what do you think i should change it to then (cell bio)?
do you think the load is too heavy?</p>

<p>med schools normally will not accept ap credit for pre-med courses and want u to take them at an accredited 4 year university, preferably the one you're enrolled in. so i would take a year of gen chem freshman year and then a year of orgo soph year.</p>



<p>Under normal circumstances, NO, however, its Freshman Fall, you still need to get used to college life, perhaps look for friends, students groups etc, so it may be best to take it a tad bit easy before kicking it into full gear later on. </p>

<p>If you think that you'll be able to do the work then you should def. take Cell Bio, if you think its going to be a bit tough to manage everything then take it a bit easy. </p>

<p>Good Luck!</p>

med schools normally will not accept ap credit for pre-med courses and want u to take them at an accredited 4 year university


<p>But don't they accept it if you take upper level courses in the subject area?
and wouldn't that look better?
or am i totally wrong?</p>

<p>They do look better if you take upper level courses and get good grades, but usually for things like chemistry it's better to still take gen. Unless you want also go onto do pchem, a bunch of labs, and what not.</p>

<p>^Yeah, I hear that that's often recommended.</p>