Potential Interview Questions - Add on, please!

<p>Hi, all!</p>

<p>Let's get a list going of potential interview questions that a Princeton alumnus might ask during an interview. That way, those who have an interview coming up (like me!) can practice and prepare their answers. If you've already been to an interview, your input would especially be appreciated!</p>

<p>I'll start with the most obvious question: Why Princeton?</p>

<p>Google "College Interview Questions" and "Princeton Interview Questions" and you will find pages of potential questions.</p>

<p>One question I was asked and wasn't expecting (but didn't have any trouble answering really) was, "tell me about your relationship with your family?" This actually opened up the topic of me having a disabled brother which my interviewer seemed to be really interested in for some reason...</p>

<p>I think you should know the Princeton interview is pretty informal. Of course, the level of seriousness varies interviewer to interviewer, although mine established that it wouldn't be much of an "interview" at all, just a discussion. Not even a high-pressure discussion at that.</p>

<p>What's the best way to answer the question:</p>

<p>"Why you?" or "Give us reasons not to take you?"</p>