Potential Medical School Timeline - Is it doable?

I am a non-traditional student, who already has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, but I’m looking to go back to school to take the pre-requisites courses needed to apply to medical school.
Here is the “timeline” I’m imagining:

  1. Fall 2020 - Start taking required pre-requisite courses as part of a Post-Bacc Pre-Med program.
  2. Fall 2020 - Look into starting clinical work/volunteer work.
  3. January 2021 - Start studying for the MCAT
  4. April/May 2021 - Take the MCAT
  5. Summer/Early Fall 2021 - Apply to medical school for entry in Fall 2022

Looking for any advice or guidance! Thank you.

What schedule does the post-bac program you are looking at suggest?

Here are two I know about: