Potential Transfer - Brown, Penn, Cornell

I’m currently a rising sophomore in college and debating about transferring. Here are my stats:

For College :

Cal Poly, SLO - Undecided Engineering w/ Minor in CS
Overall GPA: 3.6
Engineering GPA: 3.8
Dean’s List for 1 Quarter (B’s in GE made me miss the other 2 quarters by .05. Would be an upward trend but moved dorms my last quarter into a very nonacademic dorm)
Honor’s Math
Honor’s Program

Extra Curricular:
Workshop Leader (Supplement class for big lectures - a step up from TA)
Ultimate Frisbee
Several independent engineering projects - Electric Long board controlled by an Wii Nunchuck, several smaller Arduino projects
Teacher for a Private High School (Summer Job - Seems weird cause I’m 19 and not majoring in education but absolutely killed interviews and ended up getting the job)

High School:
GPA: 3.7 Weighted: 4.0

Standardized Testing:
ACT - 35
AP Calculus BC, AP Physics C, AP Physics B, AP Economics (both tests) - 5
AP Environmental Science, AP Statistics - 4

Strong recommendation from CS professor still deciding on another should be good though.

I’m not actually sure that I want to transfer. Here is my thought process:
I want to go into consulting out of college. At Cal Poly, I’d be on track to get a job for Amazon, Tesla, or the like. However, consulting firms don’t really hire here. So I’m trying to decide if I want to try to transfer. If I decide I want to I could raise my overall GPA to 3.7 or 3.8 by the time I apply (this sounds cocky but I know I easily could. I’ve never gotten a B because I didn’t understand something or couldn’t figure it out. It’s more just a lack of discipline and not doing homework).

Here are the schools I’m thinking about:
Brown (REALLY like the philosophy on learning)
Cornell (have a sibling there)

From what I’ve thought about it:

  • Jobs
  • Connections


  • Stress
  • Girls
  • Social Scene
  • No surfing :frowning:

I applied to all of these in HS and did not get in. Looking back though, I did not put enough effort and smarts into my application.

What I want to know is what are my chances and any pros or cons that people have from the other side (people at those schools).