Potentially 6 Off Periods?

Fresh UW GPA: 95.14%
Fresh W GPA: 98.14%

(I took 3 regs classes, that’s why my GPA decreased)

I don’t get my rank till January :frowning:

This is my current schedule:

Sophomore Year:

Pre-AP Pre-Cal Dual
AP Physics 1
Pre-AP Spanish 3 Dual
AP World History
Pre-AP English 3
Pre-AP Comp Sci 1

Future Potential Schedule:

Junior Year:

  1. AP Psychology
  2. AP Macro
  3. APUSH
  4. AP Comp Sci A
  5. AP English 3 (or might take summer school to have a free Period)
  6. AP Art History (might do the same)
  7. AP Calc BC Dual

(Heard that AP Psych, Macro, and CS A are joke classes, so the course-load should be manageable)

Senior Year:

AP Micro
AP English 4 (maybe summer school/ off Campus)
AP Gov/Econ Dual (if don’t get Econ credit for micro/micro, or else off Campus)
Off Campus
Off Campus
Off Campus
Off Campus

I’m probably going to a state school (Texas) or a school that gives a full ride for national merit (currently studying for it), so top-tier privates aren’t on the radar (not looking to pay 50k a year). Do y’all think I should do this, or take more AP’s senior year?
I want to do this so that my Weighted GPA won’t decrease if I take Pre-AP/Reg classes. Will schools like ASU, UTD, or UT look down on me for this?

Your junior schedule is crazy. Don’t take AP Psych, AP macroeconomics, AP USH the same year.
Do take Spanish (AP/Spanish language).
Take chemistry honirs junior year and another Science senior year.
You need to take 5 academic periods senior year.

I know that its kinda crazy, but I already took chemistry freshman year and bio the year before, and I’m not interested in AP Spanish and would rather take a class like macro, which I have alot of interest for (not just to have one in my schedule). Right now the course load is somewhat a breeze tbh. I also have background in Java, so AP CS won’t be hard at all imo. Should I stick with my initial plan or take more classes Senior Year? I’d appreciate it alot if you respond.

I thought it was pretty clear from post #1 that your initial plan doesn’t work but if you need more details:

  • senior rigor, in relation to junior year, matters
  • you need English, Social Science, Science, Math and Foreign Language all 4 years, with some leeway senior year to double up in one of the above and cutting another subject as a result, as long as you have 5 academic classes.
  • you can have one free period senior year (not four)
    Caveat: what does “off campus” mean? Free period or “taking dual enrollment classes off campus”?
  • you need a science junior year; you need math senior year and either science or foreign language or doubling up in another core class. If you don’t want to take more Spanish, my suggestion would be to double up in social science by taking AP Gov (full year US + Comparative) and AP Art History. You could also take Dual Enrollment French, Italian, German… at a local community college. Reaching level 3 (3 semesters = equivalent to 3-4 years) would strengthen your academic rigor.
  • You could take AP Econ junior year along with APUSH. Drop AP Psych or take it as an elective senior year.
  • AP English is a core class. AP Psych, AP Macro, and AP CS A are all non core classes so if you take summer school, it should be for one of these, not AP English.
  • if you’ve already taken all three from bio, chem, physics, find a fun sciene to take junior year; don’t take science senior year but take social science instead (since it seems to be your favorite academic field).

Sorry for not clarifying, off-campus means you can leave the campus during that period (basically a free period). And also, my school allows for early graduation, so if I were to continue with my junior schedule, I would technically only need to take english 4. After pre-calculus and physics, you technically don’t have to take any more math/science as it meets the graduation reqs. I’m also most likely to pick up a side hustle/job senior year so that colleges don’t think that i’m slacking. Overall, my school is pretty lenient on graduation reqs. So if they were to allow this (likely), should I take the challenge junior year (id assume its manageable, as I have alot of friends taking upwards of 5 aps and they say its possible), as I don’t see the point in racking up useless extra credits (majoring in CS btw), and would rather use my time for something more useful like picking up a side hustle.

*I’ll add Pre-AP CS 3 and AP Gov to the senior year schedule

I would reconsider AP Spanish. That is worth like 15 college credits depending on how you score. MyOS1634 is spot on with her advice. Your junior schedule is insane and your senior schedule is way too light. No school is going to like 4 free periods your senior year.

The problem is that graduation requirements are different from college entrance requirements. Your goals are to find a Top 100/not super selective university so it means you’ll get some slack on not having a science every year and not having a 4th level of Spanish, but it doesn’t mean you can afford a senior year without math&science, especially if you’re aiming for a STEM major.
CS is currently the most selective major at let universities. That means : be competitive.
It’s often housed in Engineering. That means: the strongest possible background in math& physics.
It’d be to your advantage to take AP physics 2 or C if offered, and you must absolutely take a math. If dual enrollment is an option, look into taking linear algebra and Discrete Math your senior year.

So, recommendations
Junior Year
AP English
AP calculus
Honors science (PLTW?)
+1 elective

Senior Year
Honors English
Dual enrollment linear algebra+ Discrete Math
AP physics C or dual enrollment general physics
CS 3
AP art history
AP macro/micro/gov

Yea your right. However, AP CS takes 2 periods at my school so I wouldn’t be able to take another elective. I might switch Honors Science with AP Psych because at my school that and honors science are at the same level in terms of difficulty, and the only honors science I can take is Anatomy and Physiology (don’t want to do that). Also, AP is weighted 8 pts and Pre-AP/Honors 5 pts. My school calculates cumulative GPA (%).The other classes are perfect, but after 10th grade we only have Regular or AP English, so I can’t take Honors English senior year. What should I do? Sorry for asking so many questions.

Is regular senior English bearable? If not, is there a community college where you could take a one-semester philosophy course (which would likely transfer toward college graduation requirements)

I mean, i could take Regular English 4 in the summer, because sometimes they don’t count that grade towards my GPA (Alg 1, Bio, and Geometry didn’t count toward my GPA but I still got credit for them) But I would have to fill in that period with another class (Mabye AP Micro?)

Also if I make top 5% in my class I should get auto admission to UT Austin (Has a top 10 CS Program) and top 10% I get auto admit to all other public unis in Texas

Yes, you have to play the ranking game BUT Admission to UT (or other colleges) does NOT mean you get admitted to your chosen major. CS is extremely difficult to get into (even without Turing) - if your goal is CS at UT you simply cannot stop Math junior year. You need to have as much math as possible (=>discrete math, linear algebra through dual enrollment), further science (if your school only offers A&P, see if you can take general chemistry junior year and general physics senior year at a community college).

I agree 100%. Thanks so much for helping out!

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