Power of Languages or Exploring the Mind FOCUS cluster.

<p>Does anyone have any information they would like to share on either cluster? Thanks!</p>

<p>No! Haha, unfortuntely I don't know about either of them. I looked at the program descriptions and personally thought the mind looked more interesting. If you do mind, try to get in with Owen Flanagan--he's a top scholar in his field (the other's might be too, I'm just a philosophy major so I know flanagan is a big deal, ha). Just one thing to point out: if you look at the languages in general, you see a lot of "Assistant Professor" and "Visiting Assistant Professor". Those are going to be the people fresh out of their PhD programs. For Mind, I see all "Professor" which means you're going to get more tenured faculty. I'd go for that one. Plus, the first course of Mind is "The Mind and Language" so you might get some crossover there.</p>

<p>Thanks phf. As the hours dwindle down and you come across in other info on the above mentioned matter please post again. pozzol</p>