Power outage!

<p>Ok I need to vent.</p>

<p>I live in Steven's Court and we've had a power outage since 5am. It's not expected to come back until 8-10 or 11:30 (depending on if you talk to UW or SCL). </p>

<p>I had a midterm at 8:30 am in which I had to get dressed/find stuff/etc in the dark. I have another midterm tomorrow that until going to the library...it's been difficult to study. I don't want to be at the library all night!</p>

<p>It shouldn't take them this long to fix things!</p>

<p>My best study buddy lives there too and he was (uncharacteristically) an hour late for class this morning. I tried to text and call but his phone wasn't even charged because he couldn't plug in.</p>

<p>BTW, you should have seen traffic on Montlake this morning. They were operating the light at Pacific as a stop sign, if you can imagine the tumult.</p>

<p>Yeah, I'm really glad I happened to charge my phone yesterday & that I rely on it for an alarm vs the old school clock/alarms you plug into the wall</p>

<p>too bad about your friend showing up late. Here's to hoping the apt doesn't get too cold tonight...</p>

<p>"Updated estimates are that full-power will now not be restored to that line – and buildings that it services – until after midnight and likely not before 2 a.m"</p>

<p>AWESOME :*(</p>

<p>=( I have friends who live in Stevens as well .. one of them used the rest of her laptop battery to power her laptop as she took a shower. Then she went to Ode to charge up everything.</p>

<p>If the UWMC would have been affected by this, I'm guessing they're running on a generator. Hopefully you and others won't be in the dark or stuck at Ode for too long, travelgirl!</p>

<p>I'm not sure what company is supposed to fix the damaged high-voltage line ... but I hope they're on it soon.</p>

<p>This is all the fault of Seattle City Light.</p>

<p>Nap in Odegaard, it will be warmer ;;))</p>

<p>"As you know, Seattle City Light experienced a power outage that impacted our residents in Stevens Court from approximately 5:30 a.m. on January 31 to 5:45 a.m. on February 1, 2012. Power has now been restored at all locations. "</p>

<p>This was just sent to us (3:20 pm). </p>

<li>Thanks for over 24 hours of outage..i had to toss all my frig/freezer stuff</li>
<li>Why send this at 3 pm when service has been up since 5:45? Couldn't this have been sent sooner?</li>

<p>Don't get me started on financial aid....the bureaucracy is horrid.</p>