Powerpoint shows

Hi people. I was wondering if I should send in a CD some Powerpoint shows I’ve done. Most of them deal with the history of various people and my school. These aren’t the usual point-and-click ones, but rather shows that run from start to finish without human control and are timed accordingly with the background music. I’ve also added some features (most of which are made with adobe photoshop) like a bar which displays the timeline and information on the background music.

Over here, these shows are pretty impressive because no one can do such shows with Powerpoint (no one I know anyway). I’ve even been hired to do a show for the state teachers’ union because some folks there were impressed with my earlier ones. My question is, are shows like mine done all the time over there in the US? If they’re considered normal or usual, I wouldn’t want to send mine in, right?

<p>First check with the policy of the school as some specifically tell you not to send any extra stuff. If you were a music or an art major that's one thing, but history it willn ot get a look</p>

<p>most prefer you not sned extra stuff b/c they only have 20 min to read the app...</p>