Pr 1296 or McGraw hill 10 practice tests

<p>I've got a 31 on the ACT right now and my goal is a 33. I need more practice tests. should I get pr 1296 or McGraw hills 10 practice test book. Which one is more accurate. And has questions closer to actual ACT</p>

<p>PR 1296. In my view, McGraw Hills is too easy.</p>

<p>Definitely get PR 1296- it is a much closer approximation of what the test will be like, in my opinion. If that isn't enough, then just go back and get McGraw Hill- there are never too many practice tests.</p>

<p>is McGraw easier than the actual ACT? I was wondering because i scored higher than i thought i would, and they are the only practice tests that i have so i don't want to be overly optimistic</p>

<p>McGraw Hill is laughably easy. Don't even bother.</p>

<p>Thanks for the help. I was pretty skeptical after getting a 36 on my first try on the math and reading sections :)</p>