<p>Which one do you recommend for practice tests?</p>

<p>Which company has CR workbooks? Which do you recommend?</p>

<p>I already used CB's blue book.</p>

<p>Official SAT Study Guide</p>

<p>I already used that.</p>

<p>Get the old prep packets from CB or old QAS</p>

<p>Wut? And Wut?</p>

<p>Out of the choices you listed, I would say PR.</p>

<p>Find old released SATs online. The prep books' tests aren't worth crap.</p>

<p>^where can i find the released tests</p>


<li>Can someone clarify the above few posts?</li>
<li>I heard PR's tests are good. Can someone confirm?</li>

<p>yes please.I wanna know as well!!</p>

<li><p>The above posters said that you should use the Blue Books -- #1 and #2 -- to prep for your SAT. Also, they suggest that you use QAS's. QAS's are officially released exams in the past, and the College Board has distributed the exam packets with all of the questions, the difficulty for each questions, and the curves. The packets have been released for January, May and October administrations, with the exception of March 2005, which is the first QAS. The list starts with March 2005, October 2005, January 2006, ... etc. The first three in the list are also download-able from CB websites, but due to my laziness, I ask you to find the posts somewhere in CC - the CC'ers here give you some links.</p></li>
<li><p>Let's put it under 5 words. PR's practice exam sucks.
First, the difficulty is way high for all sections, especially CR.
Second, the PR has undergone some deterioration, due to the company's mammoth size; I can confidently say that their system has gone through quantity, but not quality. Most of the PR books' content, if any part is useful, is not updated too.</p></li>

<p>^2. No.
QAS= okay. acceptable.</p>

<p>QAS=i cant see them anywhere!Only the official released practice (tests 3 of them).Where can I buy from? I tried searching the CB website to no avail...</p>

<p>^I second that. I can't find the released tests anywhere.</p>