PR Physics Question

<p>Page 139 of Cracking the Physics Sat Subject Test, there is an example question (number 4). I can't seem to understand why tension in the string is LTsin(theta) rather than LTsin(180-theta).</p>

<p>Since I in the same chapter is said that when finding torque for something thats at an angle, the angle in the formula is the one between the two forces if you image them coming form the same point. So if one imagines T and L coming from the same point by mobing T up the bar in their mind, doesn't the angle between the two forces equal theta' (i.e 180-theta).</p>

<p>Really confused here..I'd really appreciate it if someone could explain to me where I'm going wrong.</p>

<p>Nevermind, got it. Was looking in the wrong direction.</p>