PR Practice Tests

<p>how accurate are these tests? Are they similar to the real thing?</p>

<p>my range was from 1800-1920 for the first practice test.</p>

<p>which does the true score lean closer to you think, the 1800 or the 1920? </p>

<p>how do you score on these tests compared to the blue book tests/</p>

<p>i think princeton review tests are harder compared to the bluebook's, especially the CR section.</p>

<p>My CR score was the lowest out of all my scores lol.</p>

<p>i took a CR testing from PR 11 practice test and got a 620 on CR pretty dam happy..</p>

<p>also for the PR tests i dont think you are penalized for guessing? correct me if i'm wrong..</p>

<p>The PR tests are scored the same way as the real thing, so you still get the small penalty for getting it wrong. Basically, what I've learned is to only guess when you can eliminate at least one answer choice. Otherwise, leave it blank. And leave the guessing until you've answered all the ones you're pretty sure you know the right answer to.</p>