PR reading and writing workout?

<p>I'm just starting to prepare for the SAT..and today I bought the Official SAT Guide from collegeboard, or the blue book? And it doesn't really have a list of vocabularies on the back, so should I get Crack the SAT by PR and the reading and writing workout?</p>

<p>I have both of those books and they're fine for vocab words but the RocketReview helped me out a little more considering it has the level of importance of the basic words on the SAT.</p>

<p>hmm..from the customers on amazon said that the PR reading and writing workout is useless except for the vocab list..what about barron's and kaplans? does barron's overprepare you as usual?</p>

<p>bump..really need some advice here>.<</p>

<p>you guys aren't friendly at all</p>

<p>for vocab look over the sparknotes 1000 word list. i looked that over the on friday and didn;t miss a single sentance completion. </p>

<p>it was probobly just luck though.</p>

<p>For verbal practice, two books I would recommend are PR's 11 Practice Tests and Barron's Writing Workbook. RocketReview also provides some good strategies (and one practice test) for the verbal sections.</p>