PR SAT 2 Chemistry

<p>'s my situation:</p>

<p>I'm taking the AP Chemistry exam on May 10 and the SAT 2 Chemistry on May 6.</p>

<p>Practice test scores:
AP Chem - high 4 / low 5
SAT 2 Chem PR Test 1: 730 - done in 45 min - too lazy to check work
SAT 2 Chem PR Test 2: 750 - done in 60 min - checked work
SAT 2 Chem PR Test 3: 590 - done in 45 min - too p!ssed to check work</p>

<p>I went over my mistakes from the first 2 SAT 2 exams from PR and realized I made like ~2-4 dumb mistakes. I know I can get a 750+. However, I just took the 3rd test - it was full of biochemistry question. I'm a chemistry student - i haven't taken biology in 2 years - and quite frankly I hate it. There was about ~10-15 questions that were biochem that I didn't know. I think that really affected my concentration resulting in me not checking my work & making dumb mistakes.</p>

<p>Should I be worried? Did everyone do poorly on the last test by PR?</p>

<p>I took the CB practice test and got a 700 (with about 1-2 dumb mistakes). There's a wierd section at the beginning with reactions...and just random blanks. Anyone wondering what that's all about?</p>