PR VS Barron's US Gov

<p>Why is PR mentioned more than Barron's for Gov? </p>

<p>What is bad a/b barron's? comparison please? thanks.</p>

<p>what i have heard is barrons is too a lot of the stuff is useless knowledge..but i am taking it this i am not quite sure either..</p>

<p>Barrons gives a lot of detail, like Supreme Court cases that one doesn't even need to know, however, if your teacher is really crappy (like mine) I think this would be the best. Barrons is more like a textbook rather than a review book. What I did was read the chapters and did all the multiple choice questions. Don't bother with the essays, as they are wayyyy to hard compared to actual AP essays.</p>

<p>PR, people like because it is pretty concise, and it seems that one could cram with it, but I'm not completely sure, as I used Barrons and REA for AP Gov Prep</p>

<p>i see. more comments?</p>

<p>I liked PR but only alongside a textbook. PR covers the basics of everything you need to know, so you could get a 3 easily with just PR. But for a 5, you may need to be a little more detailed.</p>