"practical art" careers and colleges

<p>I posted a similar note in the parent forum. Thanks for those who responded there. I thought this venue might actually be the better location, however. </p>

<p>We're just starting to talk about colleges and careers w/ 2nd child, and hope to go to a college fair next week. It is like starting TOTALLY over. Unlike her older sibling in math/science, she is more interested in the arts. So far she's guessing graphic arts, communications, advertising, business, and perhaps a foreign language. </p>

<p>This post question is twofold: careers in the arts, and how to find colleges that can introduce her to options.</p>

<p>She doesn't seem interested in the "fine arts" and has never been excited in art museums or galleries. But, she is very creative, has a design "flair" (at least with clothes), likes to draw, write, and create web sites! So, we were wondering more about the more "practical" art careers (such as graphic or web design, combined with marketing or business). She's not interested in architecture or interior design. Cheers mentioned how competitive the advertising career can be, and she is not at all a driven or competitive type of personality. Any other resources to explore the more practical arts? (I don't know what other name to give it).</p>

<p>The college guides often list fine arts when it is a good program, but so far, we have found few that even mention other art areas. Any suggestions to get us started? She's an A/B "average" student, probably the 25th percentile, looking for small to mid-size colleges, preferably located in a nice city. (A college town is possible, but definitely no rural or secluded schools). She also enjoys history and English, but doubts she will pursue these areas for a career, but rather for general interest. Finances are definitely a factor, and we're a little worried about availabliltiy of merit aid for the "average" student.</p>