Practice ACT of 28

<p>My daughter is a high school junior and took a practice ACT test through her school last month and scored a composite of 28. With prep classes, would it be possible for her to raise this score into the 30's? She got the 28 w/no preparation at all. As a Sophomore, she took a practice test through our library and scored a 22, so she was able to raise the score 6 points between these tests w/no prep at all, so would it be reasonable that she could raise it even more w/an intensive prep course? We are also planning on having her do some prep herself w/the prep books you can get at the book store or library, and she also can do some online prep/practice tests that are available to her since she signed up for the practice test. With where she wants to go to college, and what she wants to major in, she needs to score as high as she can, at least over 30. Everything else is very on tract for her. She has a weighted GPA of 4.26, has taken over 10 honors classes and 2 AP classes (including this year), is 14th out of 564 students (top 2.5%), and has plenty of EC's. So everything will be basically riding on her ACT score. Thank you in advance for any replies.</p>