Practice PSAT

<p>Hi. I have a couple of questions on the practice PSAT from College Board. In the writing sections, I don't understand the answers for numbers 27, 29, 31, and 34. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.</p>

<p>Can you post the questions? I'd like to help.</p>

<p>27 unsure
29 i can help you, A is incorrect because it should be "Contrary to," and thus it is an idiom type problem and for this type of stuff you just have to be on the lookout and completely alert for test day.</p>

<p>31 A is also incorrect here because it does not speak specifically to a person, who is the intended subject within the dependent clause. in this case, as is written, it is refering to the "bicycle excursion" as not in good physical condition ( remember that the modifier is conventionally placed immediately, or as close to possible, to the modified ).</p>

<p>34 not sure</p>