Practice Test scores VS Real Test scores [Chem]

<p>So, I'm going to be taking the SAT II Chemistry in 2 days (oh my god..)</p>

<p>I just wanted to know how my practice test scores would relate to the real SAT scores..</p>

<p>So, if you would PLEASE PLEASE post your practice test scores // your actual SAT scores if you already took the CHEMISTRY SAT ii.</p>

<p>Because I've been hearing that Kaplan/Princeton Reviews is easier than the actual test.. and I've gotten 800s on both of those, but not 800s on barrons/collegeboard..</p>

<p>so how do practice test scores compare to the actual sat II scores for chem?</p>

<p>shameless self bump ..</p>

<p>can anyone answer my question?</p>

<p>really nervous for my test in 2 days..</p>

<p>i've pulled off 800s on princeton review test 2, kaplan test 2
and 760+s on many of others</p>

<p>but im not doing so good on barrons (740~760)</p>

<p>what did you guys get on practice tests// what was your actual score?</p>

<p>ive heard of people getting 750s on their princeton review practice tests but pulling off an 800 on the actual test.. is this true?</p>

<p>Well, I did around 4 tests total to prepare for this. I did one Barron's test, scored around a 760. I also took all three online Sparknotes tests really early in the game, averaged 720-740.
I ended up with an 800 on the real test.
Hope that helps you and good luck :)</p>

<p>..i got 700 flats on sparknote tests
they are really hard compared to other practice tests</p>

<p>i dont get an 800 then? asldfjlskdjf</p>

<p>Sparknotes tests kinda annoyed me (at least for Bio).</p>

680 >.>
(And in that order...)</p>


<p>My conclusion: It's very arbitrary! But if you know your stuff and you're confident (but not too confident!) you'll do well.</p>

<p>also another question for chemistry takers</p>

<p>how should i prepare for T,T,CE sections?</p>

<p>should i just memorize EVERYTHING that i've gotten wrong on TTCE sections in practice tests </p>

<p>or should i just review everything in the books (barrons) over the next 2 days?</p>

<p>im scared. :(</p>

<p>Calm down. I only used PR, and scored around 720-750 on that. Got a 790 on the real thing, and would have had an 800 except for some random descriptive chemistry questions.</p>

<p>For TTCE, just make sure you evaluate the two statements seperately first. If they're both true, then consider whether CE applies. I don't see how you could "memorize" all the TTCE. It mostly tests you on chemical principles that you should be familiar with. If you know your laws, principles, and trends correctly (along with the exceptions) you'll be fine. </p>

<p>Remember, you have to relax during the test. This is very important. The difference between freaking out and relaxing is also the difference between getting an average score and doing very well. From your posts, it looks like you've done a fair amount of review. Just have faith now :)</p>

<p>Alright then, I'll leave my fate up to myself!!</p>

<p>i'm going to go read a bit of chem, and then chill out for an hour or so
and revert back to studying for spanish final :)</p>

<p>thanks for the advice!!</p>

<p>any more ppl with ptest scores/ their real scores??</p>

<p>Im getting 780+s right now, but taking a real test brings diffderent emotions, so scores are genreally down.</p>

<p>yea, same. I'm getting 780+ on the practice tests but last year I got all 800s on the practice tests but came out with a 780 on physics. I was overconfident and didn't manage my time well and didn't get to the last few... so I never know on test day.</p>

<p>ohh okay okay
so i gotta keep my emotions straight :O</p>