Practice Tests!!

<p>So currently I am a junior who has taken my December SAT and recieved a 2230. I really would like to improve the score greatly and am aiming for a 2400. I was wondering if anyone had any advice about other test books for practice tests.
I currently have gone through:</p>

<p>The Blue Book
Grubers SAT
Barrons SAT
College Board Online Practice Test
Revolution Prep SAT Class
More Than A Teacher SAT Class</p>

<p>Does anybody have more practice test resource ideas????</p>

<p>If you search around, you can find links to two past tests released by collegeboard. These are from the old booklets from the past few years. Be warned that collegeboard recycles the tests in these booklets, so some may be repeats. The link can be found here:</p>

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<p>Another idea I've heard tossed around is taking practice questions from the official prep book for the old, pre 2005 SAT. You'll have to ignore the analogies and there won't be writing, but the rest is still good. The book costs like a dollar used off amazon.</p>

<p>Good luck on your noble quest for the 2400!</p>