Practice times and classes

I plan to try out for a D3 team and have to register for classes soon. Some of the seminars meet at 6 or 7pm - is this likely to interfere with practices?

Generally, yes. Most of the teams at my kid’s D3 school practice from about 4-6pm, and by the time you get to showers, etc., it is 6:30 ish. Practice is generally Mon-Fri, with competitions on the weekend (as well as during the week).

If that is the only time the class is offered, you’ll have to take it. If it is offered at another time but the section is full, it’s likely the coach can pull some strings and get you into the other section. If you can take the course in an off season semester, that’s an option.

For her final semester, my D had a required course that the only time it met was Tues nights at 5, that ran late into practice so D missed 1/2 of practice at least once a week. Nothing anyone could do about it. Coach knew daughter was always going to be prepared, always knew the drills, did extra work outs and running on her own.

Even with all that planning, things don’t always work out. My daughter had the flu twice last spring (type A and type B) so missed more practices (never a game though!), other kids were injured or had courses during practice. The school gave some exams on certain nights (math exams were Thursdays at 7 pm) so coaches had to work around those.

It works out.

My daughter’s coaches prefer you not schedule classes during late afternoon, early evening time period when training occurs, but of course, understand if there are no other options. They have been known to workout an individual or small group separately if they are unable to attend at the usual time.