Practice vs. Actual scores

<p>How approximate are the scores from the practice test scores to the actual tests. Plus or minus how many points from PR, Kaplan, ARCO, and any others.</p>

<p>I took about 4 practise test. Im not sure what company it was, but it was a popular one like PR. I averaged 22's and on the real thing I got a 27.</p>

<p>Princeton Review's scores are comparable to the actual ACT. Not familiar enough with the others you mentioned to give a good answer.</p>

<p>i asked the same question and here is the thread with the responses:</p>

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<p>There's no magical formula buddy. And wouldn't you rather not know down to the exact number? One thing I can almost promise you though is that you will do better on the actual thing.</p>

<p>Consistently got 34 and 35 using McGraw Hill testbook and official ACT online test. Got a 32 on real test. Bleh.</p>

<p>I got consistant scores between 30-33 on the PR practice tests and then got a 29 on the actual thing. I guess you can't really count on anything...</p>

<p>Got consitantly above 30s on the REAL ACT PREP and got a 22 on the real thing. Bleh</p>

<p>I took the practice tests and consisitently scored above 34 then got a 29 on the real thing. The second time I didn't do any practice tests and got a 32.</p>

<p>patrickk, that REALLY sucks. How in the world did that happen? I took the prc tests from the Real ACT Guide and it was pretty accurate.. you would think taking tests already released would be a good indicator of your ability on the test day.</p>

<p>I only took 1 practice test, the one from the ACT company, and got a 34, then got a 35 on the actual.</p>

<p>32-33 on PR's ACT Practice Tests and 35 composite on the actual</p>

<p>32-34 on the REAL ACT book and got 35 on the test. Twice.</p>

<p>Good to hear =)</p>

<p>Very uplifting</p>

<p>28s on practice ones and 31 on the real thing. I don't think i was "focused" enough when I did the practice tests at home. for u whose scores were lower... did you follow the conditions PRECISELY? meaning not taking too long or whatever? b/c I find that when I truly try my best on the practice ones, the scores are about 1 pt within the real thing.</p>