Pratt 2021 Fall Acceptance

Starting this for any Pratt EA accepted students. Just found out my son @KaiAnderson was accepted!!! We’re in Florida but it looks like he might be calling Brooklyn home soon!!!

Would love to connect with other students/parents who have Pratt acceptances!! Good luck & Congrats to all!!!

Congratulations to your son! Mine got in for Fashion Design but Architecture was a consideration and one of the main reasons Pratt was on the list.

Great to hear that. Did your son get the scholarship email? We have not and are waiting anxiously.

Not yet…we are anxiously awaiting as well! Still waiting to hear back from Parsons which is his number one, but I think I’m going to like Pratt since the campus is in Brooklyn and not in the middle of Manhattan lol

Still me . where do you live?

We are in Florida

My son received his merit based scholarship this morning-21k per year

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got scholarship email at 9:44 (I’m in Chicago)

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How much is yours, may I ask?

DD accepted for Communication Design/illustration along with a generous merit scholarship. Super excited!
We’re in California, so now we just need to figure out how/when we can get there for a visit. Need to visit Ringling too.

Congrats! What is tingling?

Recently found out i was accepted into Pratt and found out that i also got a 22,000 dollar scholarship.

Does anyone know if you need to submit mid-year transcripts to pratt. I know college app schools will be automatically sent (at least that’s what my high school is doing), but because pratt isn’t on common app should I send them directly? Also where would I send them?

My daughter did not need to submit mid-year transcripts, just final transcripts and Pratt will send you an address to mail them if your school can’t send them electronically.

ok thanks! just committed to pratt the other day

I got in!! got a 20K scholarship and I haven’t gotten decisions from any other college but pratt is defo up there:)
I’ll probably put my stats in later for class of 2022 applicants to consult next year but YAY congrats to anyone else who got accepted

Did anyone get deferred from EA to RD and get a decision? I know they keep extending the deadline but I’ve seen a few people get accepted recently.

Hi, I checked on Pratt’s admission data and found that only ~16% of the admitted students accepted the offer. This is far below than the other top art schools, say RISD (~50%). Do you know why? Thanks a lot.