Pratt Associates Degree?

Hi! I decided to apply regular action for Pratt’s BFA program in communications design and unfortunately was waitlisted. I’m becoming increasingly more interested in their BFA track AAS degree for illustration/graphic design. I haven’t been able to find much info online about the program. Does anyone have experience with it? I was particularly wondering if housing is available to associates students and if scholarship money is awarded. In the email Pratt sent out about being waitlisted they listed their AAS program as a second option that I wouldn’t have to reapply for so hopefully I will hear back soon!

As a side note my second option is going to SVA for bfa illustration. I was awarded scholarship money from them and am seriously considering it but at the same time I wouldn’t mind paying slightly more to get two degrees in the same amount of time. Also I was accepted to Pratt MWP but can’t stand the thought of living in Utica for 2 years. What should I do? Either way I need to commit to somewhere soon or else I may not be able to secure housing. Please help!

Are you close to New York? Maybe you could email and arrange a meeting with a counselor at Pratt to discuss the options in length

That’s a good idea. I live in Ohio which is a bit away but I wouldn’t be against it. I have tried to email the person they gave in the waitlisting email as the contact for inquiries about the AAS program but I haven’t gotten a response so far. I’m gonna try to make a call on monday.