Pratt Early Action 2019

Does anybody know when the acceptance (or rejection) letters will be coming out for early action?

I found my own answer: late December/ early January… Gl to everyone

My D applied early action too for fall 2019. Wondering here too

Last year’s EAs all came out around Dec 15th - basically mid-December.

they say on the website that it’s late december but looking at some forums from last year it seems like it’s actually mid december

Wish decisions could come out in the next week or two. I’ve heard that getting into Pratt is harder than previous years because of the change in curriculum etc.

P.S. I applied EA to their Industrial Design program fingers crossed for all of us

I talked with an admissions counselor on a visit and he told me that they should come out 1-2 weeks before Christmas for EA.

@Rickywestside Thanks for the update. Hopefully by next week!
Good luck to all!

Has anyone heard back?

nope, hopefully in the next couple days…

How are we supposed to check the results?

also applied early (writing program), hopefully results will come out before christmas. will the date be the same for international students?

Hi guys I’m an International Student and I’m waiting for my EA decision too; as soon as you have the letters share them.

Did you guys receive a confirmation email that said they received the application?

I received one a while ago sherryccccc

Yes, and even the international admission center counselor confirmed it.

You can log into your Pratt account and check your submission status.

@sherryccccc Decisions would be emailed to you

@Rickywestside @AldoPetruzzelli @amypan Thank you guys!!

where do you log in? through the online application, or is there another way?