Pratt Institute EA Possibilities??

I want to apply to Pratt EA but I only have ACT of 24. Do you think I can make it? Is it a reach or a match? I am applying for the writing program where the portfolio required must contain at least 10 pages of personal work and then a required essay. I have already started putting both together, so that is not my problem. I am having my English teacher look over both also and I have always been a pretty good writer so I don’t think it would be too scary for me on this section. What I am really worried about is the ACT requirement. Do portfolio-based schools like Pratt even weigh standardized scores heavily? I don’t want to stress myself out over this 24 if they are not even taking it into consideration for the most part. What do you think my chances are?

Here is some more info about me that I posted in another post for another school I was worried about :

"I scored a 24 composite on the ACT the first time I took it but my individual score in English was 30, Math 22, Reading 25, Science 20. I took it again and my composite dropped one point to a 23 (I wasn’t having a good day) but my individual scores in reading and science increased. Reading to 28 and Science to 22. Math is always pretty low no matter how many times i take it. I’m taking it again this September (I’m procrastinating and havent studied at all if I’m being honest) and then I am taking it again in October. Do you think, with the current highest composite, I could get in? I am not applying into any special or meticulous program that requires extremely high math and science courses. I want to do something with Literature and foreign languages so I don’t think I need to raise my math and science scores so much. I think I mostly just need English and reading to prove if I can make it and I’m very good at both so I think I can manage the next two times i take it. Also, I just can’t relearn math that quickly. I’ve taken up to precalculus but can’t remember how to do anything but the basics when I get to the math portion on the ACT.

I also took the SAT one single time back in June and had a similar situation. I scored pretty average on reading (630) and then mediocre on math (490).

Also, I have very good grades in school. I go to a public school (obviously lol) and am ranked in the top 5 of my graduating class. My gpa is high. I have had good grades all throughout high school. Since freshman year, I think the lowest grade I’ve ever gotten in a class was an 87 or 89 and that was only once or twice. I have always taken honors courses.

My school only offers 2 AP courses and I’ve taken both, got a 3 on both. Human Geography and Studio Art Drawing. I took HG my freshman year and wasn’t so used to the setup of AP classes and I feel like I could’ve gotten higher if I took it later. I’m currently taking college courses for my senior year at a local community college and also two AP classes online since my school does not offer them ( Eng Lit & Art History). I am in several extracurricular activities including honor societies that I actively participate in. I took 3 years of french and am currently taking Spanish.

I don’t know if I can raise my ACT to at least a 30, though I want to. I am a good student and I love academics but I have never been a good test taker. Also math has always been my weakest subject and it fluctuates much in how I do in it.
Honestly do you think I could get in with my current situation? Is it possible for

Also, I don’t really care about financial aid problems right now so there is no need to bring that up…what are my chances of getting in EA? Do you think I might get my application deferred to RD? Please!

@collegegoingsc Hi! I was in your shoes a year ago and also applied EA of my senior year (did not decide to go to Pratt though). I would say that your portfolio and essay are the most important components in your application. I would not stress over the standardized test scores as much because your creativity and artistic voice is what will get you in. People say that EA will give you a higher chance of getting in, but honestly it does not matter. If you think you’re portfolio is strong before the EA deadline, then I highly encourage you to apply soon. If you still need to touch up or add more work inside of your portfolio, I would suggest the regular deadline. The more successful portfolio and essay will give you a better scholarship. I like to think that standardized test scores just show that you’re school smart, not necessarily artistically capable. Hope this helps.