Pratt institute or Otis College of Art ??

Hi, I am looking to transfer and got accepted to both art schools. I got a 14,000 dollar annual scholarship from Otis but did not receive anything from Pratt. I am looking to do a BFA in Art and some sort of minor either entrepreneurship or graphic design. Which do you think is better I really need help choosing. I am kind of stuck between both. Which is most valuable and better? In terms of both student life, academics and job opportunities?

Came across your post looking for info for one of my kids. What school did you decide to go with? My daughter is interested in a BFA as well.

Pratt has a great rep. My son is there for Architecture but I follow all of Pratt’s art/fashion/film etc stuff on Instagram etc and am always soooo impressed with what they are doing and what their alums are up to. There’s always something posted about an artist/designer/arch who is doing something amazing…written up in various papers or magazines etc etc. See if your daughter can do some research online. Good luck! (and brooklyn is very cool)