Pratt Institute vs SVA vs SCAD

This is a throwaway account I’ve made because I feel like I just don’t have enough info and want to be sure in my decision before I attend a major art school. I apologize for how lengthy this is but just want to provide enough info to get some solid advice back.

I applied for Animation to all three and was accepted into it for Pratt and SCAD, but for SVA I was placed into BFA Visual & Critical Studies (on the track for reapplying into the Animation department for my second year).

For my studies, I very much would like to major in some sort of 2D or 3D animation/computer art. If possible, I would also like to at least minor or take some classes in graphic design or illustration. Its a bonus if the college allows for classes to be taken outside of your discipline because I hope to maybe explore a bit and find one subject of study within the ones I listed that I 100% love.

I have done tons of research into these colleges but seem to have come to a standstill because of the various cons that they have. SCAD is lower on the list of the three because I don’t really like the fact they have a 92% acceptance rate and do not require a portfolio for applications. I’ve heard from other people and gotten the impression that they seemingly let anyone into the program, so that alone made it one of my last choices. But I still hear of how impressive their program is and it makes me double-think it.

My problems between Pratt and SVA just come down to a lot of personal preference decisions (campus type, student life/community, housing, etc.), in addition to having a hard time finding any info on Pratt. In my opinion those all come second though to Networking and Internships within the industry. I still have a hard time finding any information on Pratt, let alone about their internships/networking, so I have no idea if their opportunity for making connections in the industry is as good as what I’ve heard from SVA, and even SCAD.

I just really want to go to a college whose animation department/majors is revered within the industry, and will help me as much as it can to enter the industry(another bonus if their graphic design and illustration majors are good too). I am more than prepared to work my hardest wherever I go, but I overthink a lot trying to make sure I’ve considered every possible factor and make the right decision.
One of my other concerns is online classes due to Covid-19 this fall, but I figure the best solution to that is deferring enrollment for a year if necessary.

I have received very good scholarship/financial aid offers from SVA and Pratt, and ranked from Least Expensive to Most expensive( in total cost of attendance) it is SVA, then Pratt, then SCAD.

Hey for what’s it’s worth my son was accepted to both Pratt and SVA for animation and as you can tell from the username he chose SVA primarily because of the industry connections after graduation. Don’t know much about SCAD but sure you’d be happy at Pratt as well…has a campus environment going for it which SVA does not. But in the end my son was very happy with his SVA decision. Best of luck

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Hi! I will be applying to Pratt, SVA and SCAD this year, and from what ive figured out from my own research is, if you want to grow and really challenge yourself, SVA is the place to be, because of the sheer talent of the students, their work… SVA has some of the best student work I’ve ever seen and I’m jealous! Pratt’s website is kinda confusing. For further information, if you have instagram, you can go check out their pages: every major college has not only an official page but also a specific design page… well at least for SVA and Pratt. you can get a more personalised look! see hashtags, location tags… everything. Hunt like a scavenger for bits. While SVA does not really have a campus and that many students, i don’t think i would mind a lot because New York itself is an amazing place to be.

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