Pratt institute wait-list

Is there anyone who was waitlisted for Pratt and ended up getting in?
The email I received said that they only accept 5-50 students from their wait-list, but
I am not sure how many people are actually on their list.

Please help If you know anything about it!
Thank you!

@Jinnypark here are the waitlist stats for Fall 2016 admission (from the 2016/17 Common Data Set):

Number of qualified applicants offered a place on waiting list 1,560
Number accepting a place on the waiting list 682
Number of wait-listed students admitted 5

Thanks for the information! I really wonder why they only accept so little people from waitlist since I believe way more than 5 people choose to not attend Pratt!

It all depends on how many they accepted and what their expected yield is. If more students turn down Pratt than they expected, they begin to pull from the waitlist. The past few years they have ended up with more students than they anticipated so number pulled is probably going to be small. I hope you get in but have other choices lined up just in case. Good luck!

Nahhh you’ll get in Pratt accepts everyone…but as a tip from a current student…DON’T GO, THIS PLACE IS HELL

@melonsquare according to Pratt’s most recent Common Data set, they admitted approximately 52% of students who applied for fall 2016 admission. My D15 is there now (ComD - finishing up sophomore year) and isn’t quite having the same experience that you are. What major are you pursuing, what year are you, and what are the specific issues you see as negatively impacting your experience?

woo I want to know about this too haha. I hear so many different reviews about Pratt, and they either love it or hate it!

Sorry for suddenly jumping in! I am a second year architecture student, I hear that it’s only my major that is hell, but the campus in general is super shitty, the professors are not professional, and nothing is organized properly. The campus is small and the opportunity is limited in terms of exploring many different areas, so I’d say don’t come here unless you are 100% commited to any of the artsy major you are applying to. If you have a slight passion towards other majors, don’t :slight_smile:

@Keith1289 where are you transferring to?

Regarding the size of the campus, it works for my kid. It’s the only dedicated campus for a major art/design school in NYC which is a definite plus if you a) want to study in NYC and b) want a campus. Also, yes - the structure of the majors doesn’t allow for much exploration past the first year, and if you are pursuing a B.Arch you have your own foundation program so you really have to know that before enrolling (and the information is not at all difficult to obtain).

My D15’s experience is that the profs are great and the admin. is a bit disorganized. This was pretty much what we had always heard about Pratt so no surprises there.

My daughter graduated from Pratt in 2015 in ComD, Advertising Art Direction. She had great professors, many worked in advertising. She also worked hard to get 5 internships during her four years in advertising agencies and a national magazine. There were Pratt grads in many of those agencies. After graduation, she got a summer internship with 40 other interns at one of the top agencies in the world. She was hired in August and is still working there.

Her take was that it is easy to get into Pratt; challenging to graduate. She took 18 hours most semesters and worked to pay her expenses. Architecture is very difficult with 40 dropping out the first 6 weeks of freshman year. As a design professional myself, the work load is intense. Students slept in their studios. It is a passion for those who succeed.

Following Pratt’s reputation since 2011, they rank in the top in the country in Interior Design, Industrial Design, and one survey ranked them top in the world for Art Schools. They have an international reputation and about 40% of the student body is international. It was a wonderful experience for those who are driven and determined to make it.

Seconding @contented here. My D15 just completed the ComD Core which was even more intense than foundation year. I’ll need to ask her how many dropped out. Surprisingly, very few of her friends and acquaintances left the school during or after foundation year (maybe one or two from her cohort of 20 and I think personal finances or health were the issues). Their current freshman retention rate of 85% isn’t bad (would be even better if higher, of course). They might be choosing a “better-fit” student now that they are becoming a bit more selective and hopefully that will continue. The better the fit, the better the short- and long-term outcomes.

My daughter’s freshman roomie was an arch. student and that girl basically lived in the School of Architecture. D told me she felt like she had a double room all to herself most of the time (which she liked as she enjoys working in her room!). From what she could see, the School of Architecture seemed to have a brutal foundation year. It’s not for everyone. Architecture is also the hardest program to get into at Pratt so it’s not necessarily a matter of easy admission (though perhaps Pratt arch. is easier to get into than other comparable schools of architecture? Not sure about that).

i’m on the waitlist too! I saw that it’s like at least a few hundred generally go on the waitlist (don’t quote me) but yeah I remember not the most uplifting number :confused:

Did you hear back from them yet? :slight_smile:

Nah, they say May which is really vague… Let me know if you’ve heard from them or when you do though!

IKR!!! I called them so many times and emailed them as well, but only thing they say is by the end of May to early June. I will let you know, Thank you!

Im on the waitlist and Im staying just in case!! feeling pretty sad but its ok! I guess Im pretty much counting this as a rejection.