Pratt More Focus on SAT/GPA???

<p>Is it true that admissions to Pratt is more objective/predictable than it is for Trinity? As in, does Pratt focus more on SAT, Rank, and GPA?</p>

<p>My general sense is that that does seem to be the case. It's tough to demonstrate actual engineering skills as a high school student, other than being really strong in math and science (as compared to some liberal arts majors, where it may be easier to distinguish yourself in a certain field, such as being a top journalist or writer prior to becoming an English major). It's also true that Pratt applicants (not just accepted students) have higher stats than Trinity applicants, so the pool of numbers is higher to start with.</p>

<p>Not sure, but Pratt has much higher scores.</p>

<p>32-35 ACT according to a prof. for class of 12', that is substantially higher than the 29-34 for the whole school, considering that ACT scores are normally not linearly distributed.</p>

<p>Though the admission rate is bit higher for Pratt than it is for Trinity, Pratt does have students with higher test scores Duke</a> University Admissions: Class of 2013 Profile. Just keep in mind that this is from Class of 2013; in the Class of 2014, the admission rate is lower (average was 14.6% including both ED and RD) so if I were you, I would shoot for an ACT score around 34 and SAT score of 2200+ for Pratt. Good luck!</p>

<p>I have 2330 (2350 superscored) SAT, 800 Math II, 800 USH, 780 Bio</p>

<p>So I hope stats wise, I'm in good shape :)</p>