Pratt MWP Accepted Student 2019-20

Good morning. Congratulations to all students heading to college this Fall. D has been accepted to Pratt MWP for the Fall 2019 semester in Comm. Design as an international student. Can anyone share information about the college campus such as housing for freshmen, campus food ( we are Indian vegetarian) and specifically campus security?

Have paid the deposit. Has anyone received the onekey and can guide towards i20? Appreciate your time and response.

Hi…if you search the site and putt in Pratt MWP there are a bunch of posts about the school from people who visited etc.

Hi @Saileela123 D is going to MWP for comm design too. She is however not international. We did visit PrattMWP, short visit during the spring break, so we couldn’t interact with any students or teachers. We visited all departments cafeteria and the freshman dorm. It is very small campus, and more little a little neighborhood where walking down to each building and from dorm to other places didnt seem like a big issue at all even in the dead midst of winter. The freshman dorm is like a small one bedroom apartment with 4 kids in a room (unless there are fewer students in a year), desks for each kid, a bathroom, a strip of a kitchen with microwave and a refrigerator and sink and tiny living and dining space. Nothing fancy but def doable for kids :slight_smile:
We received the one key but I apologize that I cannot help with the i20. My daughter is vegetarian too. Direct message me if you need any other info.

Thank you very much for the first-hand information. Nice for D to have company. Will meet at college in Fall. Will keep in touch. Take care.

Thank you. Have already checked them out. Appreciate your help. Regards