Pratt Pre-College Program?

<p>so, i got into pratt precollege (creative writing) for this year, and i'm wondering if anyone is going this year (and, if you are, what for) or if you have gone, what was your experience. </p>

<p>i live in wisconsin, so i'm not some NYC city kid.
this trip is really for me to get the experience of being in a college atmosphere, and look at new york to see if i really wanted to go their for college.</p>

<p>any response is help :)</p>

<p>~ conor.</p>

<p>Hey Conor, I'm going to the Pratt Pre-College Program too! I'm going for Illustration (Digital). I'll be seeing you there this summer! :)</p>

<p>I'm going as well :) I will be studying graphic design. And I am not from NY. I'm from a little town in Nevada!</p>

<p>If you guys want to message me, feel free. It would be nice to know people ahead of time!</p>