Pratt RD Class of 2024

Hi guys, I was deferred from EA to RD pool of applicants. Has anybody received any info from Pratt?

Same for my son. Haven’t heard anything since. They pushed application deadline back until next week

Same and have not heard a peep. Does anyone know when decisions historically came out?

Previous years shows mid-March. Guess another month or so of waiting!

Hi…yes, that sounds about right. My son got his acceptance for Arch last March…early/mid if I recall. I think they roll out the schools separately, i.e art, arch, etc. Good luck! Great school and son is very happy there despite his grueling Arch schedule;)

Thanks for starting this @insider9000 I’m deferred as well. Will alert the group if I hear anything.


Nothing on my end.

Admission deadline pushed back again until March 11th. Seems they do that every year. The original January deadline means nothing.

@Metfan31 I saw that they kept pushing that deadline…which is kind of annoying because my D20 definitely had some much better pieces that he could have added after the Jan 5 deadline (stuff he had more time to work on). It kind of also inflates Pratt’s number of applicants and lowers the percentage of acceptances.

It’s still his top choice, so I’m hoping we hear soon, though I guess maybe not until after March 11 now.

Seriously?? I don’t like that at all. I applied by 10/1 to express that this was a top choice for me, got deferred to RD and now they’re still trying to get more applications at the last second? That’s irritating.

Has everyone else here heard from their other schools? I’ve gotten into University of the Arts with a portfolio scholarship, and I’m waiting on Pratt, SVA, CalArts and Tufts SMFA.

@Graphitemovermom I agree! My son emailed admissions since he had a additional work that won awards and was told they will not accept any new material for applications submitted. Future applicants should be told to hold off on applying. You get penalized for following the original deadline and following the rules. Still his first choice too.

@Metfan31 I thought the same thing about future applicants holding out, except that the extensions aren’t posted until after the initial deadline, I think, so you run the risk that Pratt holds firm on the deadline that one time. =(

S20 just got email that he’s been accepted to Pratt RD (Communications Design-Graphic Design)! His packet will come in the mail in two weeks. Good luck!

Congratulations!! @Graphitemovermom

Congratulations @Graphitemovermom ! Maybe they are notifying earlier than planned because they are thinking of shutting campus down…whatever gets decisions out early, I’m behind LOL

@animate2002 They definitely are doing things differently because of coronavirus outbreak (though none at their school). The email indicated that Admitted Students weekend is cancelled because of it but that they will be doing online tours and webinars in its place.

I got email around 12:30 saying I was accepted for film then another one around 2 saying I got the merit based presidential scholarship which is $22,000 every year

Waitlisted today.

Really don’t care. Was accepted to Pace and The New School and after spending time in both areas prefer Manhattan.

Congrats to everyone that got in who wanted to be there!

Same here @nafphoto – was waitlisted today. Congrats on Pace and New School!