Pratt Regular Decision 2019

Just received my acceptance for film! So excited!!

:frowning: just got waitlisted for comD. It’s a bummer but I’m still considering MWP. Anyone else headed to Utica?

Got accepted to PRATT Brooklyn for Communication Design Illustration! Also I have been accepted to Pratt MWP too! :slight_smile: However no Scholarship information yet I believe it comes in the acceptance packet.

I got waitlisted. Does anyone have information regarding that? Is there a chance i’ll get in?

I got waitlisted at Pratt! pretty exciting but they are only accepting 5 to 50 people from the waitlist and they probably have at least a few hundred people on the waitlist.

@coolmichelle my D is headed to Utica MWP. pretty much sure for now. We just visited during spring break and its coming out to be a less expensive option for us

got my decision today ! the email said i was accepted for the B.Arch program, but they will be sending out my acceptance packet in the following weeks. good luck to everyone

forgot to mention that i also did not get any scholarship information, but i read in an pratt forum that it’s usually sent after the acceptance email/letter

@fridakatlo My son was also accepted to architecture today Exciting!

Put to the wait list, they will reconsider in may, it’s too late, i will give up.

I received my acceptance for the B.Arch program!

Applied to B.Arch and I was waitlisted yesterday afternoon.

Honestly, I had been quite anxious waiting up until now and was hoping to finally be relieved. Now I find myself in the situation comparable to not having not been given a decision at all…

May is a considerable period of time to hear back with regard to other school choices, Pratt accepting housing deposits in April, and (most ideally) your FAFSA application should already be sorted.

Then there is also the dreaded potential to have to wait an entire year to reapply if your heart is set on Pratt. To revamp one’s entire portfolio, let all the days go by, and repeat the stress all over again is no small matter. I shudder at the thought.

It is not that I am worried about falling behind my peer group, time is less relevant when you truly found something you love. It is rather when you’ve fallen head over heels for architecture and design, you’re dying to leap into it formally. I’ve spent hundreds of my earned dollars on books, but none of that can truly supplement how a great staff can teach and mold you into something more.

Pratt wishes to encourage people with Construction management to not lose B.Arch applicants, but sadly it is just not a suitable replacement if you are deeply passionate about the degree you applied for. It expends one’s time and money considerably even if there is much utility to having such a degree in the field.

I have to hold out in hope for Pratt to select me among what I am sure are many talented applicants. Good luck to the rest of you and congratulations to those already admitted!

I got waitlisted for B. Arch yesterday afternoon.

Honestly, I had been quite anxious waiting to hear back up until now and was hoping to be relieved of that this week. Now I find myself in a situation comparable to not having heard back at all.

May is a long time to wait in regard to other school applications, Pratt taking housing deposits starting in April, and (most ideally) that your FAFSA should already be sorted by then.

There is also the dreaded potential of having to wait an entire year to reapply if you have your heart set on Pratt with a degree that only starts in the Fall. Revamp one’s portfolio and repeat the stress all over again. I shudder at the thought.

It is not that I am worried about falling behind my peer group as when you are head over heels for something the time it takes you to “make it” becomes less relevant. It is that I am dying to finally dive into architecture and design in a formal way. I have already spent hundreds of my earned dollars on many books but none of that can truly supplement the teaching and molding ability that a great staff and classroom can.

Pratt really doesn’t want to lose its B.Arch applicants it would seem, and maybe fill another of their programs, by urging people to apply for Construction Management. While I am sure such knowledge can only be an asset in the field of Architecture it truly is not a suitable alternative to something you are passionate about, and it would create yet a further delay. A delay that expends one’s time and money considerably.

I have to hold out hope for Pratt making me one of their own among what I am sure are many talented applicants. To B.Arch 2019 I hope to be with you all! Good luck to the rest of you and congratulations to those accepted!

my daughter was wait listed to Pratt main campus. What are everyones thoughts/experience on the Utica campus? for illustration with the intention to transfer to Main campus Jr year? We have not visited.

I would definitely visit the Utica campus if you think its an option but before that do some research online. I read a thread from this site from 2010 that said the town is run-down, not much around, and you need a car to get to better spots that have good stores and places to eat ect. This could have changed IDK. It is a small school. It is also a long winter up there. If your child can tolerate Utica for 2 years then it is a great option as she would transfer right in to the Brooklyn campus. I don’t think my D would do it. She was waitlisted also.

True to what @anxiousmom19 said. Do make a visit if you are considering. Each person has a different perspective and you would need to see if your daughter will be able to make it work there.
true about the weather and nothing around. We just visited and its a really really small town with pretty much nothing around. The big issue seemed like the closest airport is at least an hour away and they do not have a shuttle from school.
The campus buildings are old too, but they have been maintained well and the studio spaces are great and wonderfully to date. Everything is pretty much across the street from one another so they would not need to walk too much. Very small school and they said that the student teacher ratio is probably a max of 10 to 1. Usually 7. We drove around quite a bit and there isnt much they can walk to. Maybe a couple of cafes and restaurants in a mile. Maybe things would start looking better when the weather gets better. They have a gym free to use close by and they have a free shuttle coming once a week to take them to the mall/shopping/restaurant area and also to Utica college (I think) to use their library and sports facility. My D is ready to take it up, but good that we visited, so she is prepared for what to expect. We are assuming with the workload of the foundation years they will not have much time to wander around. They studios are open late night for them to work on and that says something. The cafe is catered by Bon Apetit and we keep joking with D that with the amount we are paying for food she wouldn’t need to go out and eat much :wink: The staff and counselor (whoever we have interacted so far) are wonderfully warm and helpful. So we heard about student teacher communication too. Hoping D finds it continued while she is there.

Thanks so much for the reply. My D was sure she would get a spot at Pratt. Super disappointed. Still waiting on RISD but got some merit scholorship to Mica. Mica was her last choice (illustration). What other schools is your daughter looking at?

@cristin My D did not apply to RISD after she heard from pratt (EA), so we had heard back in Dec. MICA was her second choice after Pratt and seems like the other set of scholarships coming around for MICA might match the expense. Maybe Parsons too but the cost and other factors moved us away from that. We were not sure if moving to Manhattan straight from a small town would be a good idea. D likes structure better so after reading up a lot on CC and talking to other parents Pratt seems to have been the most fitted one for us besides she always wanted to go to the city.

Not that she absolutely loved UTICA, but she liked the school and the staff and the studios and that it would be a better transition for her from a small town (and the COST! probably the biggest factor) and once she knows other kids there it will be easier move to the city. So for now she wants MWP only.
We are trying to see the positive side that work load will be a lot, so lesser the distraction the better. They do the exact same thing as Pratt Brooklyn and once they relocate their scholarship depends on their GPA so if she does well it will work out better financially. Its basically about 7 months a year with full workload and they come home for breaks. So hopefully she will be able to survive in remote cold :wink: and suck it up. Fingers crossed. DM me if you have more questions about the visit.

My D was also waitlisted for Pratt-main, but accepted to Pratt MWP. We will visit Utica for accepted student reception in April. She’s also in at SAIC, so two good art options.

I got waitlisted too! I applied for undecided