Pratt Regular Decision 2019

I just wanted to start a thread on the Regular Decisions process because I didn’t see one. Does anyone know when we’re supposed to be getting acceptance letters? I applied for the BFA program and I’m just getting nervous about it lol

Daughter accepted to PrattMWP today. Yay!

Congrats! I hope to get the same news sometime soon… I applied for the campus in Brooklyn. But again, congrats! That’s awesome and I hope she has a great experience there! (and I’m sure she will)

I figured that since the deadline for regular decision was extended until March 6th, our decisions would be sent out a bit later. Not sure if they come out on a rolling basis though. Hope we hear back soon!

Yeah, I saw that they extended that… I’m just getting so anxious to hear back, so I hope it’s soon too (I keep checking my email like a madman lmao)

I applied on the February extended deadline and am still waiting for an updated status. I hope it comes soon as well. I applied for B.arch

@pickpocket Congrats! any decisions to go there yet? Asking becoz my D is pretty much decided.

Hi @SomaRathore No decision yet. D is currently leaning toward either PrattMWP or SAIC. She is still waiting to hear from a few more schools (both art and conventional colleges) before making final decision.

Which other schools was your daughter considering, and what was the deciding factor on Pratt for you? Is she going to Pratt-MWP or Pratt-main?

Applied in time for the original deadline in january, super anxious as well ;( I actually didn’t know they extended the deadline so far! Heard back from MWP a few days ago, which is my current choice but I’m still waiting for pratt parsons and calarts. My reasons for choosing MWP over the rest of the schools I heard back from(SAIC MICA CCA SVA) is that the lower tuition along with the scholarship makes it much more affordable for me than the rest—highest that I got was 11500/yr from mica but MWP offered 15000/yr—and that they also arrange scholarships when transferring to the main campus based on your GPA at that time. Honestly I really don’t think I’ll withstand the winters up there in Utica so… still waiting for more good news! By the way I’m an international applying to ComD.

@pickpocket MICA and Pratt were her top two choices however now its Pratt. We are opting the the MWP for the cost. Of all the scholarships she has been offered from other schools (and some very high) MWP still is coming to the least expensive at this point for us given that their tuition by itself is way lower than the other schools she had applied and got accepted. Bottom line is we cannot just afford more than this! She got a first round of scholarship from MICA and with the second round coming they might match up with MWP. But she finally wants to go to the NYC so PrattMWP turns out to be the best option for us now. When she transfers to Brooklyn the scholarship is based on her performance so hopefully if she can keep a good enough GPA we have to worry less… fingers crossed. We are going to visit MWP in a few days. It might not happen but it would still help if they could increase the merit a bit more. We are to meet with the financial counselor so we will see what happens.
(she has already heard acceptance from all the 14 schools she had applied to since most of them were all EA… so now only finalizing the decision. We havent completely ruled MICA out yet and hoping this trip to MWP will give her some insight into making a decision)

I checked Pratt’s website again and now they’re saying the deadline was extended to March 20th? I wonder if this effects when we hear back… I hate the waiting game, but I’m still wishing all of us luck lol. Half of me wants to rip the bandage off now so I know whether we got in or not, but the other half isn’t even mad about the extension haha. I might email admissions about it later (maybe next week) and post the response on here.

@YaBoiTiss same here, I just want to know the results to make my decision already

Last year Pratt began sending out decision emails on 3/22. The year before they started on 3/16. Both years the letters continued through the end of the month. All I’ve seen this year is that they are expected to all be out “by 4/1,” but don’t know when they might start…

Well, okay… Hopefully they actually WILL end up sending out the decisions by April 1st, we’ll just have to see I guess. I’m like @blinku55555555555555555555555 , I want to make a decision on my college so I can reserve a spot, yanno?

Don’t know how to check the status, still application page, It’s different from other schools.

I submitted application two months ago and didn’t get any useful feeedback, about a week ago received a email ask my child to apply now,it’s ridiculous. Looks the school is not very organized.

My D just got an acceptance email, so they must be starting to release the decisions this week.

I was just accepted to digital arts!! Woot!

I just received my acceptance saying that i got in for Communications Design! I was wondering if anyone also got any scholarship information with their letter??

My daughter also received an acceptance email for Communication Design. No scholarship info yet.