Pratt regular decision acceptance 2017? Anyone?

I’ve heard some people already either received their email or physical mail from pratt on their acceptance. It really makes me nervous since I have not heard anything from them, so I am wondering if it is based on the date I submitted my application or it is just randomly sent before 4/1. Ahhhhh Is there anyone like me out there? I can’t goto sleep since it makes me so anxious :frowning:

I received my acceptance email for my RD app on 3/16, but I do think that they may just send them out in waves because that was about 2 weeks earlier than I expected to hear from them, as the date I had heard for decisions going out was much closer to the beginning of April.

I got waitlisted :(!! BUt congrats on your acceptance!

I haven’t received any notice either. I’m applying as a transfer from university of Houston. I was in their arch program but I applied to pratt for sculpture second choice painting. I haven’t received an email or a letter. I’m worried too because it’s about to be April 1st. Im not sure if transfers get their decisions the same time as freshman.

I heard transfer students get their decisions during mid-April!
Don’t worry too much since you still have some time left :slight_smile:

Wish you get in!