Pratt regular decisions fall 2018

I remember when I applied I did the price o attendance estimator and it and it said I wouldnt qualify for a scholarship because they are based on talent and grades and not financial need… I have a 3.8 Gpa and really not in good financial standing… But we’ll see Thank you so much


What programs did you guys get into??^^^

@hwzheng BFA program in Digital Arts

when do we find out financial aid/scholarship info

I got in for Communications Design BF

Congratulations to all. I hope you all get some scholarships/aid. These private art colleges are soooo expensive!

I also got accepted for communications design! People that applied early action said in older forums that they got their scholarship information the next day so hopefully it’s the same for us!

Congrats to all!!! i got accepted for BFA fashion design

Congratulation!! When did you send in your application?

@Emily C Thanks! i sent my application a day before the deadline. like Jan 4th

Hey guys, I applied to Pratt for BFA undecided! I’m hoping to hear from them soon, Pratt is one of my top choices…I
Any international students here who’ve received their acceptance with a merit scholarship?

Y’all i got my scholarship info the day after my decision as ppl predicted. Presidential merit baybee !

Rejected. Meh, not upset.

@pastelrain sorry to hear that bud. still got RISD to go tho!

@Brine Yeah, hopefully some good news then. If not, I think I’m Ringling bound :slight_smile:

Got Presidential Merit for 17k a year!

I am super eager to hear back from Pratt! I had no idea people had already heard back before I found this thread today.

Wow. That is awsome. Congrats!!!

omg congrats! i didnt receive nothing about scholarship… noooo hope to get an email