Hi guys! I am an applicant to Pratt Institute’s BFA program for fall 2018. I have yet to receive my decision, but I am pretty sure they come in soon (within this week or the next). I was wondering if any of you have gotten your decisions? Any info would be helpful as I am just sitting here driving myself crazy :slight_smile:

sooo nervous…

I applied regular too and emailed them to see when decisions would be out. I think they do it in waves starting in the middle of March

I also have not heard just yet from PRATT. Heard from SCAD, MICA and Ringling. Nerve wrecking!

Does anyone know if Pratt has a last day for decision letters? Like I know FIT has one set for April 1st.

Decisions should start rolling out this week until April 1st. I emailed and asked.

I’m a transfer applicant. Do you know if they release transfer decisions around the same time? Also, will they email me my decision even if it’s a rejection?

@googleyeyes Hmm I’d think they would let you know at the same time, but I am not sure. They would def still notify you if you were rejected.

I know its a different school but when Parsons School of Design declined me, they sent me an email to view my decision after I logged into their website.

omg guys i just GOT IN email just sent out

@orcenurse huh, didn’t get an email. Must be in waves. Did your portal change?

@pastelrain well maybe im an international applicant i think…? but nothing said about scholarships in the email im so worried. my portal was same like 1 or 2 weeks ago. couldnt check it out currently

Congrats!! and good luck to everyone


After Parsons declined me it is so reassuring to be accepted by Pratt I was so sure they wouldn’t, now I feel way better about getting into my first choice FIT

@mlsa27 omg congrats!! omg are u applying to fashion design may i ask?

@mlsa27 did u get a merit-based scholarship? mine dont have im so worrying…

Congrats! So happy for you! I hope to hear soon from PRATT one way or another!

I applied for Communications Design, they didnt mention any scholarship at all, maybe they would include that in the package that comes in the mail but I doubt it

@mlsa27 thats exactly what i thought… should be included in the packet :slight_smile: well finger crossed to FIT…