Pratt Transfer Decisions Fall 2018

Have any transfer applicants been informed of their decision. I’m an international transfer applicant and am just concerned that I haven’t heard yet.

I’m a transfer and haven’t heard yet either. I’m gonna email them today and see if they have an approximate time they’ll be sent out

Just heard back from Pratt, they said that transfer decisions are still being processed but they will be sent out within a week

any news?

Nope not yet :confused: fingers crossed !!

Just heard back, got in. Best of luck to you

Congrats!! Thank you, gotta be any day now

@googleyeyes actually just double checked my email and I got in as well!!!

Has anyone else heard back?? My fiancée is waiting to hear back and we were hoping to know by today. Do you think since y’all found out already that they have finished sending acceptances?

Even I am waiting for their reply. When I asked them, they said within this or next week. So nervous…

@Magoo1125 when did your email come in?

2nd of April

Has anyone else heard from Pratt yet?

@nicodid we haven’t yet. Has anyone applying for the animation program found out yet??

I applied for the industrial design program. I started to get a bit impatient today and I sent an email asking when they would send out a decision. They responded saying that they are still working on transfer applications and that they would send out a decision in about a week. I am just starting to feel discouraged since their accepted student day on campus is this coming weekend.

@nicodid don’t be discouraged yet! It seems like they’re doing it by department.

Even I applied as a transfer for Industrial design and they said exactly saim things. `I think it should come during this week. Hope so

@lucygoosey699 thanks for your kind words. Hopefully we will all hear back soon and all get in :slight_smile:

did anyone get any letters?

@Dayana2301 still nothing