Pratt vs. MassArt

D just got off Pratt waitlist and has 2 days to decide whether to accept. She had deferred at MassArt to avoid remote learning and now must decide whether to start MassArt in 2021 or Pratt in a couple of weeks. She will pursue fashion design. Any thoughts welcome.

It appears that Pratt is much higher ranked for fashion design. Whenever classes are held there on campus (whether this fall or later), she will be in the fashion capital of the world, and able to make connections and easily pursue internships that she could not as easily experience at MassArt. Was your daughter super excited about the Pratt admission? It’s a door opening, and a big opportunity. Even after graduation, she will have all the alumni of Pratt to network with. Did she have anything else lined up to do this fall already? If not, it looks like signs are pointing toward Pratt.

Thanks! As parents, we agree with your assessment. The main obstacle to bringing her around is the (understandable) aversion to remote learning. She was going to do a gap semester abroad but that very well may be canceled.

Just seeing this now. My son started at MassArt in Sept. 2020 planning to major in painting and loves it even in spite of the online learning. I hope your daughter is happy wherever she ended up.

Can I ask how your son is liking MassArt? My daughter is adding to her list. Thanks.


I’m glad your daughter is considering MassArt. It’s really a great place and, if you’re a Massachusetts or a New England resident, it’s a real bargain.

The location could not be better anywhere. Boston is a very “doable” city and extremely student-friendly. MassArt is just blocks from the Museum of Fine Arts and the Garden Museum - both superb. And it’s in a vast neighborhood of colleges: Mass College of Pharmacy, Northeastern, Wentworth Institute, Emmanuel, Simmons, Harvard Medical School. Boston University and others are not far away.

My son loves his studio classes. They are small and challenging in a good way. The teachers are great and he is growing as an artist by leaps and bounds.

There is one downside he has encountered that applies to the required liberal arts courses and probably is true for all art schools. He has some specific learning disabilities that make doing the reading and writing assignments difficult. He has accommodations for this, but they don’t seem to make much difference in how the teachers relate to him. Nobody seems to go out of their way to make sure he’s getting the help he needs. This is frustrating for him, but would not be an issue if your student has no such disabilities and is a fairly good student on the academic side.

MassArt is a very diverse school in every way. My son is very progressive politically, so this is great for him, but it might not be for everyone. On the other hand, I’m having trouble imagining an art school where you would not find the same vibe. I think it’s very healthy.

Overall, MassArt has been great for him in most ways and has been an almost perfect choice. I think your daughter would love it there.

All the best to your daughter and you as you navigate all the great choices she has. DM me if you have questions and we can be in touch.

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