Pratt vs. SCAD

<p>soo recently...i got accepted to Pratt Institute and SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design)
and i got some scholarship from both school
Pratt Institute: $15,000/year
SCAD: $10,000/year</p>

<p>But the thing is...
Pratt's tuition and SCAD's tuition are EXPENSIVE
Pratt Institute: $54,000/year
SCAD: approx $40,000/year</p>

<p>sooo the net cost for Pratt Institute would be...
$54,000 - $15,000 = $39,000</p>

<p>the net cost for SCAD would be...
$40000 - $10,000 = $30,000</p>

<p>Soo it's cheaper to go to SCAD

<p>im gonna major into Industrial Design
and Pratt Institute has an excellent Industrial Design program.
(i think they are rank #4?... i believe so..)
So my parents want me to go to Pratt Institute
but it's really hard to afford it....</p>

<p>Which one should i go??</p>

<p>When you say 54000$ I guess you include room and board. So the difference is only 9000$ a year. In long run that is not a big amount of money. Stay in nyu may help you get intern early to make money early?</p>

<p>Franklly, I would have applied to University of Cincinnati over both Pratt and SCAD. They have a wonderful, highly ranked program in ID, and starting with the second year and some planning, you could have gotten in-state tuition at only $10,000 per year!</p>

<p>jason...there are things to consider in the bigger picture. First which is closer to home? What will your travelling expenses be for getting back and forth between school and home on vacations etc.? So say you live in NJ, getting back and forth to Brooklyn will be much cheaper than GA.
The overall price you are quoting is for tuition, room and board. I believe that after you first year at both schools you do not have to live in on campus housing and partake in the meal plan. You could look for cheaper housing in both places....yes even in Brooklyn. You could live in Bushwick or Bed Stuy and share....many Pratt students do. OR you could become an RA and get a major discount on room and board. There is no guarantee that you could get the position but if you are a very responsible type and are good at connecting with people it may be possible.
I would ask at both schools if there are additional funds available to students once you are enrolled. For example are there departmental scholarships you could apply for. </p>

<p>The fact that your parents want you to attend Pratt says a lot. If they are willing to pay why are you worried? Is it guilt? Or are they expecting you to shoulder the extra cost? If so then you need to think very extra $9000 a year in debt is a lot for a young person.
Both programs have a good reputation....Pratt's is bit stronger though and as loveblue says the internship possibilites are greater. If you are at all interested in furniture and housewares, Pratt is the better choice.</p>

<p>Hey! I would personally recommend Pratt over SCAD. Pratt has a much higher ranked program and better reputation. If the price difference is a big deal I would suggest to go look at some scholarships. Do some searching and maybe you'll find a few that'll help you out. Also, you could always mention to Pratt how much SCAD is offering and ask them for a little more scholarship.
Either way, the important thing would be to go wherever you're gut is telling you to go. If you're not sure, do some more research on the schools and make a list of pros and cons if you need to.
Good luck and hope your future college experience is wonderful!</p>

<p>Selecting a NY school will always offer better opportunities for internships and future employment. Trust me, there is very little going on in Savannah, GA. Georgia is facing major economic issues, so students who attend NY schools will always be better positioned for the good jobs</p>