Pratt vs. Trinity

<p>Is one easier to get into than the other? are applicants to both schools assesed by the same committee/ in the same pool?</p>

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<p>42.4% ED Acceptance Rate for Trinity for Class of 2011
17.7% RD Acceptance Rate for Trinity for Class of 2011</p>

<p>42.5% ED Acceptance Rate for Pratt for Class of 2011
29.8% RD Acceptance Rate for Pratt for Class of 2011</p>

<p>Combined you have a 19.3% acceptance rate for all Trinity applicants (ED and RD), and a 30.5% acceptance rate for all Pratt applicants (ED and RD).
But keep in mind that more people got ACCEPTED to Trinity than APPLIED to Pratt. But I would say that Pratt is easier.</p>

<p>Overall Duke has an acceptance rate of 21.1 % (19.7% for RDers, and 42.5% for EDers), so it seems Duke admits equal percentages of ED Pratt and Trinity applicants, but in the RD pool, they crack down more on Trinity kids. </p>

<p>Survey says that it doesn't matter if you are doing ED, but for RD, it makes more sense to apply to Pratt. Sorry for the long post but I'm fascinated by numbers :)</p>

<p>it's not that it's easier to get into pratt. it's just a stronger applicant pool. so actually it's not easier at all. also there's a lot fewer applicants to pratt>higher acceptance rate.</p>

<p>I agree with the above post. If you look at the SAT and ACT score ranges 2011 student profile, in practically every category Pratt students have the higher ranges. Which suggests that it is not necessarily easier to get into.
critical reading: Pratt- 700-770 Trinity- 680-770
Math: Pratt- 750-800 Trinity- 690-790
ACT: Pratt- 32-35 Trinity- 29-34

<p>From the admissions site, Middle 50% range:</p>

<pre><code> Arts & Sciences, Engineering:

<p>SAT Verbal/ Critical Reading: 680-770, 700-770
SAT Math: 690-790, 750-800
SAT Writing: 680-780, 680-760
ACT Composite: 29-34, 32-35</p>

<p>So the metrics are a little higher for Pratt, despite the higher overall acceptance percentage. With respect to accepted students and their HS ranking:</p>

<p>[top 5%, 5-10%, 10-20%, below 20%, no rank]
Trinity: [39.8%, 5.73%, 2.88%, 0.12%, 50.4%] vs.
Pratt: [46.4%, 4.64%, 0.14%, 0.03%, 47.4%]</p>

<p>Re-normalized based on those students with rankings:</p>

<p>Trinity: [80.3%, 11.5%, 5.81%, 2.45%] vs.
Pratt: [88.1%, 8.81%, 2.67%, 0.61%]</p>

<p>so overall, the admitted Pratt students skew higher wrt HS rank than Trinity.</p>

<p>I applied to Pratt, therefore it is harder to get into than Trinity. :)</p>

<p>One hyphenated word: Self-selection.</p>

<p>according to duke admissions, it depends on the year. the officer said that sometimes its a really really good year for pratt, sometimes not. they are totally different schools</p>