PrattMWP Incoming Class!


So I figured it would be a good idea to create a (unofficial) thread for incoming MWP students to interact with each other. I think it would be hella cool if we all knew each other before setting foot on the campus!

Anyway, if y’all are intrested you can pm me for my chatsnap or my facegram and we can get a group going there, or leave a post down below with an edgy joke or something.


I think PrattMWP is pretty neat, what about you guys?

My D is starting this fall at MWP. Comm Design Major.

Anyone attending MWP aware of when the students (not international) gets to start moving their stuff in the dorm? Apparently the students start living in the dorm from the orientation day, the Aug 22nd for the US students. Are we to be there the day before for the dorm set up?

Freshmen student check-in August 22 is mentioned in the Academic Calendar. International students check-in on Aug 20

@Saileela123 yes I chked with them. My question was when the dorm move in/set up happens out of the four orientation days. They move in the first day itself and start living in the dorm from that day.Thank you!

if you ended up making a groupchat i’d love to be in it

@mkstewart I would love to connect with the entering 2019 fall group! My daughter is headed there. Maybe we could continue in this thread?

Hi! I am taking a gap year and will be attending Pratt MWP for Fall of 2020! I am a communcation design major :slight_smile: I wanted to attend Fall 2019 but I needed to save money. Exciting!