prattmwp or pratt aas?

Hello everyone, I applied to Pratt 2016 fall for Painting (Fine Arts) Major.
The Brooklyn campus did not directly gave me the offer. Instead, Pratt offered me a chance to study at PrattMWP or get an associate degree at Manhattan campus.
PrattMWP offers me $7000 scholarship per year and associate program offers none.
I researched online, it said that associate program’s tuition is over 60000 per year. Thats a HUGE number!
I am thinking about these two choices. And I like what PrattMWP offers me: scholarship, seamlessly transfer to Brooklyn after two years, although I don’t get the NYC atmosphere.
Pratt associate’s schedule is likely to be more intense (students are ready to work after getting an associate degree). And if I want to get a BFA degree, I will have to apply as a transfer again.
Any suggestions?

My daughter is a foundation student at Pratt this year and so last year when she was applying we researched the MWP campus as an option. Everything I read about it - for her major at least which was graphic design - suggested that it was top-notch Pratt-level training at a fraction of the cost. The big downside is that you are in upstate NY as opposed to NYC so it’s more quiet and perhaps not as exciting. But the dorms are probably nicer, it’s a smaller student body and student to faculty ratio, and you are guaranteed to transfer to Pratt and to get housing on the Brooklyn campus. Had my daughter chosen MWP I would have been fine with it and we’d be saving quite a bit of money! :slight_smile:

I spoke to a few MWP transfers at the Pratt Accepted Student Day last April and they loved their experience up there. One guy was a photography major I think so his fine arts experience was very positive.

I’d say, if you want to graduate from Pratt with a BFA, the MWP option is probably your best and cheapest route to doing that.

Good luck to you!

I understand that once you transfer to the Brooklyn campus you have to pay the main campus tuition which is basically similar to that of the AAS in Manhattan.

@Gaudi483 is correct and that has to be taken into account.

Keep in mind that you are considered for a scholarship based on your PrattMWP GPA through the fall term of 2nd year. From the Pratt scholarship website:


Fall 2016

PrattMWP students entering Pratt Brooklyn for Fall 2016

Merit scholarships are based on the student’s cumulative GPA at PrattMWP including the fall term of second year. Brooklyn students who transfer to PrattMWP will be considered for scholarships when they return to Pratt in Brooklyn based on their first year at Pratt and their first semester of their second year at PrattMWP. Students who submit the FAFSA will also be considered for need-based aid.

3.9 and higher $25000
3.8-3.89 $22000
3.7-3.79 $21000
3.5-3.69 $17000
3.3-3.49 $13000
3.0-3.29 $10000

I was rejected from Pratt’s architecture program but admitted into their construction management program. Could someone give me some info about this program? Can I still become an architect? What’s beneficial about this program, is it design based? Please help! I have 1 week to decide the next 4/5 years of my life!!

@architect2020 is the construction management program a 4 year program? There is always the possibility that you can do the M.Arch. The architecture licensing board recognizes both B.Arch and M.Arch.

Did you attend Accepted Student Day this weekend?

@Mamelot I realized that construction management isn’t what I want at all. I spoke with someone at Pratt and they suggested that I attend somewhere else if I’m truly set on becoming an architect. So I’ve decided to attend Temple U’s Tyler School of Art to get a BS in Arch, with a possible year and half of extra school to get my M.Arch. Thank you for your response!!