Pratt's AAS program in Manhattan?

<p>I just got an email telling me that i was accepted into Pratt's AAS program in Manhattan for Communication Design and Illustration.
Although, im a tiny bit bummed that i didnt make into Pratt directly, i have no choice but to go the Mahnattan Campus and commute from home next year ( which really sucks in NY lol) .I was accepted into Pratt MWP, but my parents are not into the whole, paying $400-$500 just for me to come and go visit by train. </p>

<p>Does anyone know anything about the Manhattan program? Ive tried looking them up, but i got nothing.Just like three little pictures of their library. All i know is about how much they want me to pay, which seems alittle unfair to me. :( </p>

<p>I havent seen any examples of student work, information on faculty, NOTHING.</p>

<p>Im pretty happy that i was accepted, but i would at least like to know SOMETHING about the school.</p>

<p>Hi genny44,</p>

<p>I have also been accepted into Pratt’s associate program, but I’m doing the AOS program since I already have a bachelors and didn’t want to do another full 4 year program. I went and visited the school a couple weeks ago and even though the “campus” wasn’t particularly aesthetically pleasing in my opinion (it’s a concrete building with I think 7 floors? of the school, pretty different than the Brooklyn campus), Pratt is a well-respected and established art and design school, especially being located in New York. It’s pretty small though, I believe I was told there are only 150 students in the associates program, but I don’t know if this includes AOS and AAS, or just AOS. Are you going straight out of high school? You can always transfer after you complete your AAS program to the main campus in Brooklyn.</p>

Hi Sara! I just graduated with a BA in a completely non-graphic-design-related field, and only just discovered my passion for graphic design about 5 months before graduation. So I’m looking into getting an AOS in Graphic Design from Pratt. Did you like the program overall? Did you find the degree to be useful with breaking into the design field? Thank you so so much!