Praying during the test

<p>If I'm a practicing Muslim and I need to pray during the SATs, can I ask for an accommodation from the College Board for this? Does anyone else have an experience with this sort of issue?</p>


<p>You aren't a Muslim, Muslims don't eat marshmallows.</p>

<p>They have breaks during the tests, so you can pray then. The test isn't that long though--I think it is just until duhr, so maybe you could pray later?
I don't think CB will do anything for you, though...</p>

<p>Of course CB wont do anything about it .The SAT is not mandatory - if you want to ,you take it ,if you dont want to,you go in Iran and pray all the time.Simple as that</p>

<p>Well, I believe there can be some kind of a solution (one that does not involve missing the test). After all, some people take the test in Sunday because of their religion. Thus, there should be some kind of solution to your problem. It is highly unlikely that they let you walk out of the room or something but you can at least try and find an alternative.</p>

<p>Think this way: you are not the first muslim to take the test. There HAS to be a solution ;)</p>

<p>Good luck with your SATs!!</p>

<p>I'm Hindu and I tend to pray during any exams I take (actually just a quick 2 minute prayer before it starts). But it's more of a "sit at my desk, close my eyes and pray" kind of praying. Don't know why I used the quotation marks there...</p>