Pre-admission Math, Accounting, Statistics Requirements

<p>Good afternoon all,</p>

<p>I am earning my undergrad degree in engineering technology and would like to pursue an MBA at schools such as: Georgia Tech (GA), Ohio State (OH), Case Western Reserve (OH), Cornell (NY), etc.</p>

<p>My question for those of you who have been admitted to an MBA (or similar graduate business program) is what pre-work is generally required for these programs? I feel that I have a good chance of getting accepted into a top 50 MBA program with my GPA, GMAT scores, and work experience but I am wanting to make sure I have covered pre-admission or application course requirements in courses such as math, stats, accounting, economics, etc.</p>

<p>Does anyone have a list or information on what are the general undergrad requirements for these courses to get into an MBA? I'm assuming Calculus 1, Statistics 1, and Accounting, and Economics. I do take Economics but my other three courses mentioned above are not on the same level or are of a different title/name. The highest level math I take in my degree is "Technical-Calculus 1" I do not take any statistics or accounting classes, instead they are called "Advanced Quality Practices & SPC" and "Accounting For Engineers" </p>

<p>I have spoken with my program director and he has given me permission to take Calculus 1 instead of Technical Calculus and still graduate with my BOS degree. Are there any other courses I should consider taking now to avoid re-taking a similar or slightly more advanced course later for admissions?</p>

<p>Note: I know of people who have graduated with my same degree and have went on to MBA programs at smaller local colleges and have had to take little or no pre-work, but I am referring mainly to schools with big names or high MBA rankings such as mentioned at the beginning of my post.</p>

<p>Thanks in advanced for the help.</p>