Pre-Calculus and Calc Required for Admissions for Business School

I transferred high schools from Public to Private for Junior year. My new private school required me to retake ALG2 therefore I will only be able to take Pre Calc my Senior year. I will not be able to take Calc before applying to college.

Is calc required for admission? Most colleges list pre calc/calc as strongly recommended.
Therefore is my pre-calc enough?

Thanks in Advance

Very few colleges require calculus in high school for frosh admission generally or for business majors. But check each college of interest to be sure.

However, completing as high a level of math that you can is generally helpful. Business majors typically have to take calculus in college for their major, if they have not fulfilled it previously.

See if they have an option to take PreCalc in the summer and Calc in senior year. It is not required but recommended for top schools.

A few comments:

–You can look at the website of each college you plan to apply to to try and determine if HS calculus is a required class.

–Since you are at a private HS hopefully your guidance counselor can work with you to choose colleges that don’t require calculus or to help create a plan to get you up to calculus in senior year. Talk to him/her about your concerns.

– If you don’t take calculus in college I’d ask your guidance counselor to mention the fact that the school required you to retake Algebra2 when you transferred in so you could not fit calculus in your schedule.

–If you can take some form of calculus before college that would be helpful – not just for admissions but for when you start college. My S did not take calc in HS and when he got to b-school (a very reputable college but not a top 20) he found he was one of only a handful of students in business calc who had not taken calc in HS. So it was all new material for him but it was review for 90% of the class. He got through it – lots of office hour and math center trips – but it was not an ideal way to start college.