Pre Calculus Honors

Hello. I am a sophomore who is currently taking Algebra II honors and geometry honors. Next year, I will be able to take Pre calculus honors. The year after that, I will be able to take AP Calculus AB/ IB Math Analysis HL 1.
However, I want to take IB Math Analysis HL 2 (calculus 2) during senior year.
And I figure that my only option is to take an online Pre Calculus Honors course before Junior year. So are there any NCAA approved open accredited pre calculus honors courses online?

Why do you want to take Calc 2 senior year?

IB Math analysis HL covers way more than calc 2.
I wouldn’t recommend taking precalculus honors over the summer. You need a thorough class, with time to reach mastery, rather than an intensive and sped up version.

Does your school offer AP calculus BC in one year starting from completion of precalculus?

Is this true in California since content (supposedly) shifted to Algebra II & Geometry? At our HS, students in Algebra II Honors can do a challenge test and test out of PreCalculus altogether to go into Calculus AB. I’m personally not a fan of the idea of testing out of PreCalculus and would rather my kid takes PreCalculus over the summer.

There are some school districts where accelerate the algebra 2 courses (or at least an honors or accelerated version that is an option) so that students who do well in them can go directly to calculus if they choose. However, this is not in all school districts.


However, if this is not the case in your school district, skipping precalculus is unlikely to be a good thing.

Don’t take Pre-Calculus over summer. You’ll regret it.