Pre-Calculus to Tufts?

Hi guys,
I am currently taking Precalculus as a senior and I was wondering if that is going to be a deal-breaker to TUFTS admissions. My school is very competitive and has high academic rigor and many seniors don’t end up taking calculus in high school. Does anyone know anything about that? Has anyone gotten into tufts without taking calc in high school?

Fear not. I am in the same exact boat as you. As long as you have rigorous courses elsewhere, I’m sure you’re totally fine. What major are you looking into, if you already know?

what was your decision?

Rejected, unfortunately

I got accepted today! I took Pre-Calc my junior year and I’m taking stats currently. Tufts really loves students who SHOW INTEREST. When you apply talk about something really unique to the school like a club or class that you find interesting and wanna learn more about.